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Roofing Products Lines for Roof Replacements in Miami Florida

Your choice in shingles is tremendous. Roofing shingles now come in virtually any size, color and dimension. Below is just a sampling of our most common vendors for shingles. A Century Roofing Specialists LLC’ Specialist will come to your home and show you physical samples of these shingles so you may actually feel and see the quality and color selections.

Century Roofing Specialists LLC represent several fine lines, but these are our preferred vendors. Since the selection is so enormous, please follow the links to the websites for our vendors in order to see the absolute latest in designs and colors for the Miami, Florida area. Make note that not all shingles are made for or are appropriate for our area.

For a homeowner, the choice of color can be among the greatest challenges of selecting a roof. We strive to assist you in choosing a color that will satisfy your expectations. When we come to your home, we will:

Show you shingle samples from the most prominent, warranteed companies in the U.S.

Show you actual roof applications, or give you contacts on our satisfied clients.

**Because the appearance of a roof may vary, depending upon the light exposure, consider viewing roof applications under various kinds of light; bright sun, partial sun, full cloud, etc.

**Determine if the pitch of your roof will impact how a particular shingle color will look on your home. To make the best selection, view homes with your shingle color choice, or something similar, on roof pitches (angles) similar to your own home.

When preparing for your residential or commercial roofing project, your choice of shingles will play a significant role in the overall integrity and appearance of your home or business roof. Roofing shingles are available in nearly any size, color or dimension today. With that said, the team of roofing contractors here at Century Roofing Specialists, LLC wants to ensure that you choose the shingles and any other products necessary that are best suited to your home or business, as well as your location.

Preferred Roofing Vendors We Work With

At Century Roofing Specialists, we work with a number of high-quality, highly reputable roofing product vendors who provide the ideal shingles for your home or business. With that said, once you have chosen our team of professionals to perform your roofing project, one of our skilled and experienced roofing specialists will pay a visit to your home or business with our many roofing samples in hand. During our visit, you can then examine the color as well as the texture and feel of the shingles in determining which shingles are to your liking. Our specialist will ensure that the shingles you choose meet with the requirements of your home or business roof and are best suited to your location. We have a number of preferred vendors who provide only the highest quality roofing materials and systems that we work closely with including, but not limited to, Mule Hide Roofing Products, Metal Sales Roofing Products, Owens Corning Products, Polyglass Roofing Products, Certainteed Roofing Products, Eagle Roofing Products, GAF Roofing Products and Integra Roofing Products. We will work alongside you in choosing the best vendor and the appropriate materials for your roofing project and are here to help with all your important decision making.

Our Mission Statement and Goals

Here at Century Roofing Specialists, our mission statement is simple. We strive to meet the individual needs of all our valued residential and commercial clients in Miami and Southern Florida. It is the goal of our team to ensure the overall success of your residential or commercial roofing project and to ensure every client, whether a home or business owner, is 100% satisfied with our services, our products and our overall work performance.

We understand that your home or business is more than likely the largest investment you will make in a lifetime. With that said, we want to afford you all the opportunities you need when preparing and planning your home or business roofing project. Each of the vendors we have mentioned above, have a huge variety of designs and colors you can choose from that are suitable for temperatures and weather conditions in the Miami area. It is important to understand that not all shingles are made the same and that there are options that are more suited to specific environments, weather elements and locations.

Trust the Pros Here at Century Roofing Specialists, LLC

Whether you are a home or business owner in Miami or the surrounding towns faced with the challenge of choosing the appropriate color and material type shingles for your structure, rest assured our team is here to help with all those important decisions. We will share with you several roof applications to assist in your decision making since light exposure, the pitch of your roof, common weather conditions, outdoor elements, and a variety of other factors can impact the overall appearance and ongoing health of your newly repaired or replaced roof. We want to ensure you choose the best options for your home or business. For more information about the high-quality roofing materials and products we use, or to learn more about our preferred roofing vendors, reach out to one of our team today. We look forward to serving you and to helping you choose all the perfect materials that are sure to enhance not only the aesthetic appeal of your home or business but its overall value as well. Don’t delay. Reach out to our team today!

Preferred Roofing Products for Miami Florida

Century Roofing Specialists represents a wide variety of quality roofing manufacturers giving you the best selection of roofing materials and systems to choose from:

Mule Hide Roofing Products

Metal Sales Roofing Products

Owens Corning Products

Polyglass Roofing Products

Certainteed Roofing Products

Eagle Roofing Products

GAF Roofing Products

Integra Roofing Products

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